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A tumblr blog for my to post all of my blog posts from http://ramblesofapolishaddict.blogspot.com to and share even more of my nail art with the world :)

I also use it to post my sims games and as a simblr as well. I play sims 2.

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I hate looking for floorplans but I’m too impatient to create one all by myself. That’s where this website comes in. The Make Room allows you to create a room (even place furniture). You have two options upon entering: Make your own plan (by entering your own dimensions) or select a premade plan and edit it.

Mostly it helps me place furniture and then I can freely place walls where I want while in game. It saves me a lot of time editing and reediting rooms when furniture doesn’t fit properly.  Here’s an example of one of the premade plans:

You can click the walls and change them, add and delete furniture, etc. I can’t explain it all fully, so I suggest you try it out.

Valentina is just… Sitting. Lol no idea what she’s doing or thinking about getting into b


Well!! here it is! I’ve looked through my available lions and I’ve chosen 3 pretty cubs/adolescents to send out in my blogs inaugural giveaway! 


  • You don’t have to follow me to win, but I would like it if you did! I plan on throwing in something extra for winners who are following me!!
  • Reblog to enter!
  • Make sure to have your ask box open so I can contact you!
  • You’re going to need an account on Lioden to receive your prize!


  • The 1st prize winner will get to choose the pack of their choice, which contains one lioness, 1 food bundle, 1 toy bundle, 100 Silver Beetles and 2 Gold Beetles.
  • 2nd and 3rd prize winners will get to choose in descending order.
  • 3 bonus winners will get 1 runner up prize each, which contains 150 Silver Beetles, 1 food item with 4+ uses, and 1 toy with 3+ uses.

#valentina #outside #bunny #pet #pets #rabbit

Sleepy bunny. Until she hears the fridge open.. Then she’s waiting for someone to give her food. #bunny #rabbit #pet #pets

Valentina likes the couch. Sleeping next to me while I’m watching tv. #bunny #valntina #pet #rabbit

Silly bun loves to eat. #valentina #pets #bunny #rabbit

Hungry bun! #pets #bunny #bunnies #rabbit #rabbits

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